Sex, drugs and cheese

Dreaming of visiting a place that exudes the romance of Florence, the trends of Berlin and the nightlife of London? Then Amsterdam should be at the top of your weekend trip bucket list! Long known for its pride in its Gouda, sex shows, and "would you like a hash brownie with that cappuccino?" coffee shop scene, this Netherlands gem has fascinated the world. A city break in Amsterdam offers quaint hotels on the banks of romantic canals, bakeries serving up ridiculously delicious goods, and a host of famous cultural spots to explore. However, the best parts of Amsterdam are undoubtedly the hidden gems off the beaten path. Attend the Friday night parties held at the Van Gogh Museum, rent a bicycle and hang out at Vondelpark, or visit the Cat Museum, KattenKabinet! Alternatively, if you're so inclined, stop in at Bluebird Coffeeshop for a weekend farewell...just don't miss your flight!

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