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Whereas Reno often brings to mind a flashy gambling scene, and the casinos are definitely a major draw, there's a lot of beauty and cultural interest for vacationers on a city break in this Nevada diamond. California Avenue is a quiet stretch where you can enjoy a drink or a tasty Tex-Mex meal in peace, as well as browse the local boutiques. Idlewild Park is an excellent place to enjoy the sun with a stroll around the Rose Garden or sit and contemplate the Truckee River. Then again, if you're seeking a night of boozing and betting, Reno doesn't disappoint. A weekend trip can encompass a stay at one of the kitsch hotels and hitting the slots, or trying out those poker skills. If you're not into casinos but want to check out the nightlife, there are plenty of bars along S Virginia Street towards the river. Enjoy a cocktail among the neon lights as you plan your next Reno weekend break.

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