Tallahassee, Florida, USA

The perfect oasis?

Tallahassee, one of Florida's gems, is the ideal spot for a weekend break. Discover new things while taking in gorgeous scenery – the city is so charming that a one-weekend trip will surely leave you enchanted. To see amazing animals such as American alligators and eagles, pay a visit to St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge, which covers an impressive 17,000 acres. The refuge also contains marshes and longleaf pine forests, ideal for people wanting to be around nature. At the Tallahassee Museum, you can browse 30 exhibits capturing Florida's natural and cultural history. If you want to bring home a remarkable souvenir, the museum's store features products only found in the city and the Big Bend area. To cap off the perfect weekend, pay a visit to the St. Marks Lighthouse to bask in the sunset and take photos of the surroundings and unique birds. For a peaceful but memorable weekend vacation, Tallahassee is calling.

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